PURPOSE  OF PROJECT:                                                             

With the present state of developmental challenges we currently face as a nation in these difficult economic times, government is unable to meet all our needs. To encourage or support government vision of tackling these challenges, organs such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) were established, and adopted as a template for reducing the levels of under-development. These challenges cannot be left to the government alone to tackle, and this forms part of the ideology upon which National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was created and still exist.


The objective of this project is to provide and empower the schools in local communities with need assistance or have no access to the needs of information technology to promote IT skills in the student.

In view of my passion for assisting the rural schools and identifying with the NYSC vision, I had the willing of sacrificing my time, effort and all to promote these ideals. After several consultation and visit around the FCT, i identified rural communities “GSS karshi, JSS pyakasa, GSS Twunga Kwasu” along Airport road, Abuja; to count a few that is in desperate need of such gestures. I observe that there were some key pertinent questions which boarder around difficulties they encounter. After carefully and thoroughly considering all their testimonies based on hierarchy of information skills, I was able to narrow these essentials to two (2) major problem areas i.e.:

(1) Lack of electricity,

(2) Zero access to computer during classes/practicals

In this, assistance were required in the areas of computers, projector, and tables, paints, etc; in order to undertake this community development project in the areas of providing the student access to computer through provision of a computer laboratory, which to my mind would greatly improve and promote better/standard ICT learning conditions to actualize vision 2020 in the school system, as well improve/develop the IT skills in the student. After constant visits to this area and research carried out, i realize that the level of IQ and hand-on-lab skill of the students in private school in area of information technology is of a better grade compare to the student in rural schools which uses the same curriculum but have no access to the system during classes.

Lots of key questions still runs in my mind such as; how will this student become the Bill Gate of tomorrow with no continuous access to what they are thought? Will my country achieve the long term goals in area of information technology? How will these children cope with the new standard of JAMB examination which will be computer base from 2013? Why should there be a gap between the poor (rural communities) and the rich (urban and private school) in learning?.


  • This will help to  reduce the rate of illiteracy in the rural communities
  • This will also be part of achievements of vision 2020
  • The project deliverable will make the student get acquaint to the new method of JAMB examination

To mention a few of the project outcome, as it is popularly believed that “continuous practice makes perfect and bring a better outcome”.

Due to the outcome of the project, the project was approved by the Secondary Education, FCT, Abuja and supported by private organisations and individuals.

Yours Faithfully

Nya  E. Offiong